Participation in mapathons

Z_GIS participated in several OSM and Missing Maps Mapathons organized by MSF and AutRC: No.1 @ Red Cross HQ Vienna (7.11.2016), No.2 @ Metalab Vienna (11.1.2017), No.3 @ HuKo (2.3.2017), No. 4 @ IST Gugging (10.5.2017), No.5 @ AGIT Salzburg (4.7.2018), No.6 @ Metalab Vienna (19.10.2017), No.7 @Metalab Vienna (18.1.2018), No.8 @School Erlgasse (26.2.2018), No.9 @ Worldwaterday Red Cross HQ Vienna (22.3.2018), No. 10 @ Z_GIS Salzburg (8.5.2019,organized by Maptime) and No.11 @ AGIT Salzburg (5.7.2019, organized by Maptime and disastermappers heidelberg). 


Track on Humanitarian operations @ EARSeL 2019 conference

Z_GIS organized a track on "Humanitarian Operations" at the EARSeL 2019 conference held in Salzburg, Austria. Presenters from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Z_GIS and the University of Tübingen talked about monitoring agricultural projects, improving automation of EO data handling and analysis and the use of radar analysis for humanitarian assistance. 

Humanitarian GIS fair at the Austrian Red Cross

As last big dissemination event of the EO4HumEn+ project the Austrian Red Cross organized a Humanitarian GIS fair in Vienna. New user-tailored solutions, digital innovations and organization-specific applications were presented by seven exhibitors: University of Salzburg Z_GIS, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), International Federation of the Red cross (IFRC), Doctors without borders (MSF), SOS-children´s village, Wonderwerk and the Austrian Red cross (ÖRK) to an interested audience composed of NGOs and governmental officials (

Final joint event EO4HumEn+ and X3D4Pop

The final project meetings of EO4HumEn+ and X3d4Pop were held on May 8-9 at the Earth Observation Center of DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen. Representatives from major humanitarian organisations, including Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF), Austrian Red Cross, ICRC, and SOS Children’s Villages were discussing the outcome of the FFG-ASAP funded projects and their potential uptake in operational service scenarios (

eCognition Webinar: Automated Extraction of Geospatial Information for Humanitarian Action Support

Stefan Lang & Dirk Tiede introduced the use of eCognition OBIA tools in the context of humanitarian action support as well as the service-oriented and technical challenges. 

View the webinar

Mapping Water Bodies From Space (MWBS) conference, European Space Agency (ESA)

Andreas Braun gave a presenation on "Mapping sea surface dynamics in the context of displaced persons - The case of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh".

4th International Conference on Space Technology for Water Management

Lorenz Wendt gave a presentation on "Tools and Services for the Humanitarian Community for Groundwater Exploration and Water Management".