Cooperation with MSF

Z_GIS is providing the EO-based information products “Population Estimation Tool” and “Groundwater Exploration Tool” to MSF since 2011.

These services are currently supported by Karl-Kahane foundation

This article describes the benefits of Earth observation for MSF.  

Brief history of the cooperation Z_GIS - MSF:

2006 - 2008: exploring new application domain
Methodological concepts for refugee camp mapping (FP-6 projects GMOSS/LIMES)
Indirect user contacts (e.g. UNHCR, etc.)

2008 - 2010: set up MSF collaboration
2008: returning MSF team member invited (‘live experience’)
2008: participation at MSF Exhibition
2010: preparation of MSF-Z_GIS MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)

2011 - …: starting operational services
‘Population tool’, ‘Water tool’
Supported by Karl-Kahane foundation
Copernicus ‘success story’ in humanitarian domain
Presented at Humanitarian congresses in Vienna, Berlin, etc. and various scientific conferences